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You may require home sleep testing to help your San Francisco Bay Area, CA physician diagnose your sleep condition. Contact the California Center for Sleep Disorders to learn more.

Home Sleep Testing Q & A

Why do I need home sleep testing?

Your doctor might recommend that you complete home sleep testing if there is some suspicion that you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. This preference over a lab study might be determined by your insurance providers.

People who are being assessed for sleep apnea can usually sleep very well with the home sleep test although the monitoring equipment may feel uncomfortable or strange at first. Your doctor will give you specific instructions about how to set up the equipment at home in addition to various do’s and don’t's that you should stick to when undergoing the test.

Your doctor might request that you refrain from napping on the day of the study. You will also be told to avoid caffeine after noon and avoid smoking at all. Patients are also recommended to take their medications and function as they would normally.

What is involved in home sleep testing?

Home sleep testing is basically a modified, portable version of the test conducted in a sleep lab. The test is fairly straightforward and involves only four steps. First, you need to place a belt around your midsection. Then, attach the clip to your finger. Place the airflow sensor beneath your nose. Finally, you need to turn the machine on and go about your activities as you normally would.

The equipment can be shipped to your home (with an included return shipping label) or picked up and dropped off at our location. Our trained sleep specialists will analyze the data from the tests and contact you within a few weeks to discuss the results.

How much does home sleep testing cost?

Home sleep testing is very reasonably priced, especially when compared to sleep studies performed in the lab. Please call CCSD for a cost estimate which depends on the specifics of the individual’s insurance plan.


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