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How will I be able to sleep with all those wires?
This is the most common question. None of the sleep equipment is painful. In fact, the monitors are all quite small and designed to be as comfortable as possible. The monitoring wires will be gathered together in a ponytail behind your head so you can easily roll over and change positions just as you would at home. The devices may feel strange on your skin, but most people find that they do not prevent them from falling asleep. We recognize that your sleep in the center may not be exactly like your sleep at home but this rarely interferes with the quality of the study.

How can I sleep in a strange laboratory environment?
Many people expect the sleep center to be a cold, impersonal place with flashing lights, beeping alarms and stiff hospital mattresses. However, our bedrooms at the sleep center are quite homey and look more like a comfortable hotel rather than a hospital.

The monitoring equipment and technologists are in a separate room so you will enjoy a high degree of privacy. Your technologist will collect your sleep information into a specialized computer program. They will be able to tell when you fall asleep, but cannot read your thoughts or dreams.

What should I bring on the night of the study?
Before coming to the center, you should pack an overnight bag, just as if you were staying overnight at a friend’s house or hotel. Bring anything you need to feel at home. If you have special needs, the sleep center personnel should be able to accommodate you.

Take a look at the Sleep Study Check List to see a complete listing of everything you should bring.

Should I take my usual medications?
It is important for us to know both your prescribed and over-the-counter medications. This includes dietary supplements such as diet pills, melatonin, kava kava, valerian root, etc. Since many substances affect sleep, certain medications need to be discontinued prior to your study so that results can be interpreted correctly. Please do not discontinue any medications without speaking to your physician first.
If you have any questions please be sure to ask. Remember to avoid coffee and alcohol on the day/evening of your study.

California Center for Sleep Disorders

Sleep Specialists Located in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep disorders, resulting in poor quality and a limited quantity of sleep that significantly interferes with overall functioning. Founded in 1983, the California Center for Sleep Disorders serves San Francisco Bay area patients who are interested in improving their sleep quality and enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

At the California Center for Sleep Disorders, we believe in functioning as a one-stop source for all your sleep disorder needs. One of the first of its kind in the county, the California Center for Sleep Disorders is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and led by highly skilled physicians to assess, diagnose, and treat sleep problems. Our physicians represent a multi-disciplinary team covering areas such as Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, and Sleep Dentistry. Our progressive team of doctors has contributed to our steady growth and widespread management of sleep disorders in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Working alongside our outstanding group of five board-certified physicians are our uniquely knowledgeable registered sleep specialists, many of whom are Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. Our clinical staff has exceptional education and training that is imparted into our patients in order to develop an empowered and informed stance on their care. What’s more, our one-of-a-kind office staff provides unprecedented customer service with multilingual speaking abilities in languages like Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, and several common Chinese dialects. Our entire team at the California Center for Sleep Disorders is dedicated to obtaining continuing education and training in their specialty areas so that we can consistently deliver the top-notch care our patients have come to depend on.

The California Center for Sleep Disorders proudly serves the San Francisco Bay area through five sleep clinics in Concord, Daly City, Pleasanton, San Rafael, and San Leandro. Each facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff to provide you with convenient and flexible care wherever you should need it.

California Center for Sleep Disorders Now offering Telemedicine Appointments


CCSD is pleased to offer our patients a convenient and safe way to stay connected with your Sleep Specialist Provider.  We are now conducting office visits through a secure video conferencing app that can be used on a phone,  tablet or computer.    All insurance companies including Medicare approve of telemed visits and will provide the same coverage as an in-person appointment for both a new consultation and follow up appointment.

Managing your sleep is very important to promoting a strong immune system, particularly during these trying times.  We are happy to offer you access to one of our many Sleep MD or NPs for a telemed consultation.  If you are already on our schedule, your in-office appointment will automatically be converted to a telemed appointment.  Our office staff will call you to explain how it works.  If you would like to schedule a telemed appointment with CCSD, please give our office a call at 510 263-3300.

Also, ask your provider if you qualify for an at-home sleep test which will allow you to complete a diagnostic test without having to leave your home.



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At California Center for Sleep Disorders, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is a list of most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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Words from our patients

  • Yelp

    "I give Dr. Kram 5 stars. He put my mind at rest concerning my sleep condition. He answers my questions so I understand what is going on with my sleep patterns..."

    Sheila W.
  • "Everyone was professional and honestly had great senses of humor. No complaints at all. The team seemed knowledgeable and polite. They made me very comfortable."

    Rahsaan M.
  • "Very prompt, friendly and efficient from checkin to checkout."

    Kim F.
  • "During my recent session with Dr Krum, We had a comprehensive conversation re. my sleep apnea situation. It had been several years since I went last to the office..."

    Hadas R.
  • "I went to see Aiko Loo and she was very kind. She took the time to look over my history and explain what was going on with me physically..."

    Ms M.
  • "Everyone was professional and honestly had great senses of humor. No complaints at all. The team seemed knowledgeable and polite. They made me very comfortable."

    Rahsaan M.
  • "I give Dr. Kram 5 stars. He put my mind at rest concerning my sleep condition. He answers my questions so I understand what is going on with my sleep patterns."

    Sheila W.
  • "Dr. Kram is a leader in the field. He is one of the Pioneers of sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. I am so glad my cardiologist referred me to him."

    Thomas V.
  • "I went to see Aiko Loo and she was very kind. She took the time to look over my history and explain what was going on with me physically."

    Ms. M.
  • "Dr. Kram has always been very thorough in checking my sleep habits, sleep history & patterns, along with my Rx History."

    John G.
  • "The sleep test and technicians are there for you to make you comfortable and answer any questions you may have to make you feel comfortable about the test itself."

    Lisa F.
  • "The staff are always friendly and efficient, getting authorizations quickly, and scheduling appointments conveniently."

    Michael H.
  • "After my study, I appreciated his time to thoroughly explain the results and make next step solutions available to me."

    Michelle C.
  • "My quality of life has already vastly improved and I wake in the morning with less brain fog, headaches, and able to function better."

    Brandi M.
  • "Aiko did a great job of explaining everything and I left feeling like I had all the info I needed to make a good decision."

    Elizabeth L.
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